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RARE ORCHIDS                          by D.D. Sherman

Symone Alexander finds herself careening toward forty. As she navigates the complex landscape of dating, she 

finds herself entangled in weeds of disappointment; disenchanted with beautiful annuals that die as quickly as they bloom; and caught up in the Sisyphean task of watering flowers that refuse to grow.


Symone’s empathetic best friend gives her a very special gift for her thirty-eighth birthday in the form of a one-night-stand with a much younger but very charismatic man by the name of Dontae Cummings. Insulted that Amber would pity her in this way, Symone sends Dontae packing, rejecting his offer of wild sex which he boasts would be a ‘first-round knockout.’


Despite her initial rejection of him, Dontae persists in his pursuit of Symone. Is this self-proclaimed gigolo showing up as just another dandelion in Symone’s untamed garden of love? Or will he turn out to be the rare orchid her lonely  heart has been searching for?

JUDGE ME NOT                          by D.D. Sherman

Mia Parrish has it all, a thriving law firm, a swank condominium in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and access to some of the most glamorous people on the planet. She certainly has everything, except a husband to share her success with. 

Trent Dubois is everything Mia could ever dream of in a man, except that he's married to her best friend, Jasmine. Mia often wonders how gold-digging, prodigal, and self-absorbed Jasmine reeled in a man like Trent, while she sails the lonely waters of life without a shipmate. 

After Trent accidentally bumps into Mia exiting a bathroom at a restaurant, things are never quite the same. Will she shrug in the face of true friendship and go for what her heart desires? Or walk away from the one true love her heart may ever know?

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